Thursday, February 24, 2011

While we're on the subject...

...and then sometimes, someone says something so ridiculous and repugnant that it's difficult to refute simply because one finds it nearly impossible to express anything aside from sputtering astonishment.

This is what we're defending now? The CRUSADES?

Sometimes I think that the right is living up to some sort of dare. When information is just a wikipedia article away, it would seem that lying so blatantly would be ineffective. Republicans and Bizarro Christians see that as a challenge.

The more available the information contradicting what they say, the bigger the lie they're going to try to get away with. They know most of their constituency/congregations could check these claims the moment they're made using the phone nestled in their pocket. They have them trained not to, however, as they've sold their followers on the notion that reality is somehow biased. I would posit that the sort of person who would not immediately scoff and sputter at Santorum's absurd statement is also the sort of person who would reject being shown an entire library of evidence.

What an odd world to want to live in--one where you cannot trust your ears, eyes, mind or heart, and must only trust the person who promises that they will harm people you don't like. How resentful one must be to strike such a bargain.

"I will give up all capacity discern what is real if you will punish everyone who does not make the same agreement."

Please, tell me, how does such a thing glorify god?

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